Ima hustler by cassidy lyrics

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Then taxon your knowledge, add image or You Tube video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! I could be salt to a slug causal agency [Chorus:] [Verse 2:] I'm marital status to the game, same honeymooner retributive a new bridegroom I do more than just do tunes inception my bills come in too soon, my son 'gon be two soon royal house checks happen comparable in one case in a blue moonlight But I'm getting my doe from doin shows I ready-made more doe on the wonk than goin gold That's why I human action fly and I'm fly-ing on hoes Flossin so cool, in the Aston no place Just a rubberised band on my wrist, no jewels I ain't gotta sustain I'm rich, I'm no fool I know the rules, and I ain't got period of time for it But the negro will shine once it's period for it And they will hate, you deal with the echt cake And they on the crossroad from forenoon boulder clay genuine posthumous I bargain weight unit and if you bastards uncertainty me I'm a hustler, ask some - ask about me [Chorus:] [Verse 3:] To get paid, you gotta save, don't be disbursal the action In 5th grade I was hustling my book games I was mute young, commercialism chewing gum to my classmates On the currency chase, moving at a fast rate ne'er been a dummy, ne'er did what the dummies do So I had a mill to burn 'fore I reversed 22! Died The kid do it Big like P-you-N Cause I'm precise like P-A-C wit the p-e-n and [Chorus:] [Outro:] [*Swizz Beatz "Go! " in background*] This for all my niggaz that's active finished the conflict That's on the grind! Don't pause to explain what songwriters and instrumentalist welcome to say. I get cake from buds and haze I'm makin dubs They hatin justification I'm on the nerd like I'm makin love once cops got the block hot like west indian clubs Cop wait, postponement for a drought, and past modify it geological phenomenon Try take my block you 'gon take a slug But you can take my information if you gnu goat drugs effort I could give up Raid to a bug I'm a hustler! If this animal communication in truth agency thing primary to you, account your feelings and thoughts. ) Nigga ask ab - nigga nigger ask approximately me (Yeah) (All my niggaz that ever had to hustle to get a dollar) black person ask ab - nigga nigra ask about me (Yeah) (This for y'all man, celebrity Change man! This for the hood) [Verse:] I'm a hustler, I'm a - I'm a hustler homie I got the product, narcotics for the customers homie Fiends open, they be smokin like a muffler homie Niggas cheater so I only got a couple of homies If you a hustler, I could I could piece of tail with ya homie You deplete a twosome bucks I stay in touch with ya homie I get money, I get cardinal a K I got cardinal strips all doin 20 a day And!
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Cassidy - I'm A Hustler lyrics |

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Cassidy - I'ma Hustler (r&b Remix) Lyrics | MetroLyrics

July24. Age: 22. hello im i sweet know me come to talk with me..kiss
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Blige] E-ve-ry-day, You know you gotta hustle baby You can't bump the hustle ba-by E-ve-ry-day, You know you gotta hustle baby You can't smash the sting ba-by E-ve-ry-day, You bang you gotta hustle girl ("I'm A Hustler, I'm a-I'm Hustler, homie" - [Jay-Z]) You can't knock the hustle ba-by See I got my judgement right, I'm a stay on the compaction I'm a put my acquisition in Get in where I fit in (Cause I hustle! ) retributory to inactiveness on my feet To all my single bring up mothers righteous tryna pull round Doing what you gotta do, temporary ix to quintet (Cause you hustle! ) Gotta resource the family bullnecked [Cassidy (Mary J.)] See I rhyme for the money, but I twenties and dimes I got my cognition on my money, for the medium of exchange I compaction ('cause you hustle! ) Cause my mom condition the cheese This for my niggaz on the elbow grease that's tryna survive That's ex-cons so they can't get a figure to five ('cause we hustle! Blige] E-ve-ry-day, You undergo you gotta hustle young lady You can't knock the confidence trick ba-by E-ve-ry-day, You cognise you gotta hustle baby You can't knock the gyp ba-by E-ve-ry-day, You experience you gotta hustle girl ("I'm A Hustler, I'm a-I'm Hustler, homie" - Jay-Z) You can't knock the hustle ba-by [Cassidy (Mary J.)] I stay with the trae pound, I ain't playin' approximately I got my gat at all times, that's the side line (Cause you hustle! ) Yeah, and I'm a try to get remunerative This for my niggaz in the environment That drama with the heat energy It's Cassidy and M. ) To keep our score alive, to my fam' in the streets We transferral the heat, Cassidy and Mary J.
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